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DEVOPS 2020 gives insights to the future of software development. Powered by Eficode.

Highlighting CLOUD, DATA, SECURITY and 5G DevOps Business and Technology challenges.

During the conference, you hear transformation journeys of cultural change & implementing modern tools for automation. You learn better decision making leads to providing customer value faster and with better quality.

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We want to accelerate DevOps adoption

With the ongoing COVID-19 breakout, we all are facing challenges. At Eficode, we would like to support, enable, and help business adopt DevOps to develop software better. We have decided the following:

  • We give 100% Ticket Refund to all our DEVOPS 2020 Registrants
  • We offer free-of-charge tickets to attend to DEVOPS 2020 Online event with world-leading speakers
  • We help you adopt DevOps culture to become effective in a distributed working environment.

Please join us and reinforce your skills to stand the test of time and shape companies from within. Let’s make Devops 2020 Online the best European DevOps event of the year!

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